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Resources for Parents and Students Schooling at Home

The closure of K-12 schools, colleges, universities and many businesses across our state and nation to quell the spread of COVID-19 means that parents and students of all ages have been thrust, either willingly or unwillingly, into schooling at home for the foreseeable future. We at NC Family see this shift toward homeschooling as an incredible opportunity for families to learn, grow and experience new things together, and we want to support parents and students as best we can. Homeschooling is not always easy, especially if parents are new to it, but it can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, and provide unique bonding experiences for parents and children alike.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of resources to help new homeschooling parents face this seemingly daunting challenge. The Heritage Foundation has compiled an extensive Curricula Resource Initiative, including study guides, online courses, lesson plans, and much more. Whether you are an experienced homeschooling parent or are just testing these waters for the first time, the wide variety of resources offered here can help facilitate a successful homeschooling experience.

The Curricula Resource Initiative also includes information about online programs that usually cost money, but the Heritage Foundation has graciously waived their normal fees to make these programs more accessible during the current coronavirus crisis. Many of online programs can also be helpful for college student and adults (with or without children) who desire to fill newly-found free time with intellectual stimulation.

We also encourage you to check out NC Family’s Family Policy Matters radio show with Dr. Matthew McDill, which aired last September. Dr. McDill is Executive Director of North Carolinians for Home Education, and he shares tips for parents who are considering homeschooling and resources that help them through this process.

Additional Resources for Parents, Children, Pastors, and Churches:

In addition, NC Family is compiling a variety of resources for parents, children, pastors and churches that we have found to be particularly valuable, informative and helpful as we all seek to navigate these unique times of home-based living, social distancing and restructured lives. We will be updating our Coronavirus Resource Page on a regular basis and encourage you to visit often.

We also invite you to Contact Us to let us know of resources you have found to be helpful.


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