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Raleigh Pregnancy Center Tenacious in Face of Opposition

Despite the incredible work pregnancy care centers do for women and their unborn babies, many centers across the nation are under attack. Your Choice Pregnancy Clinic in Raleigh is a prime example of the many difficulties pregnancy care centers face as they serve women and children.

On Monday of next week, Your Choice begins defending the unborn directly next door to a Raleigh abortion clinic, despite efforts by the Raleigh City Council to derail the pregnancy care center’s operations. However, Your Choice will not be permitted to operate its ultrasound machine or offer STD testing at the new facility since the City Council ruled that doing so would violate zoning restrictions currently in place for that particular property. Many properties surrounding Hand of Hope’s new home have been rezoned, but the City of Raleigh refused to do so in this instance.

Hand of Hope, the parent organization for Your Choice, is suing to overturn the City’s restriction on ultrasounds and testing at the new Your Choice facility, and has filed a motion in federal court to prohibit the City Council from enforcing the restriction while the case is pending. On September 11, Your Choice will host a grand opening of its new facility. Additionally, the organization is promoting the online campaign, #StandForHope, to raise awareness and financial support for its legal battle.

Expensive legal battles can wreak havoc on pregnancy centers’ ability to carry out their mission. And these battles are happening on a national scale. For example, California passed a law in 2015 requiring pregnancy care centers to promoteabortion services, and even provide contact information for abortion referrals. A case challenging the law is currently being reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court and could have ramifications in other states.

Pregnancy care centers can also receive heavy criticism from those who oppose the pro-life movement. Cosmopolitan, a popular magazine among young women, printed a scathing report on the alleged harms of pregnancy care centers, making it appear that these centers intimidate women and force their beliefs on them. Alliance Defending Freedom debunks three common myths about pregnancy care centers in a blog post that separates truth from fiction.

Intense legal battles and bias from the media can be daunting to those seeking to preserve and defend a culture of Life. Ferocious opposition makes it even more vital for the pro-life community to stay informed and engaged so that pregnancy care centers can continue their life-saving work!

Want to help?

  • Support Hand of Hope in its legal battle;
  • Volunteer at a pregnancy care center in your area;
  • Encourage like-minded individuals to run for local office;
  • Support NC Family as we work to create and protect public policies that defend Life in North Carolina.

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