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Planned Parenthood Sues to Overturn NC’s Late Term Abortion Ban

Despite the fact that a preborn baby at 20 weeks is a fully formed human being with eyelids, skin, heartbeat, fully functioning fingers and toes, and hair on his or her head, a leading pro-abortion advocate refers to North Carolina’s laws against aborting a baby after 20 weeks as “sham restrictions in order to block access to reproductive health care.”  Fifteen states have similar laws.

lawsuit, filed this week by Planned Parenthood and others in a US District Court in North Carolina, says 20 weeks is “several weeks prior to viability” and that prohibiting abortions prior to viability is unconstitutional. The lawsuit attempts to define viability, the time at which a baby can survive outside the womb, as approximately 24 weeks, but claims this period “will vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.” The lawsuit seeks to give abortionists the legal right to abort a child at any time after 20 weeks if the abortion doctor says the child is not “viable.”

According to the lawsuit, abortionists in the state are being “forced to turn away” women seeking abortions after 20 weeks but before “viability.” The suit also contends that North Carolina’s exception, which allows later term abortions for medical emergencies, is not acceptable.

Interestingly, The Washington Times cites John Eastman, Founding Director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence as suggesting that:
The North Carolina lawsuit could ultimately backfire and lead to the repeal of Roe v. Wade. “I would love it,” Mr. Eastman said. “Let the ACLU and Planned Parenthood be the trigger for the case that actually overrules Roe v. Wade.”

Planned Parenthood also filed lawsuits seeking to strike down laws restricting abortion in Alaska and Missouri.

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