The Big Question

We have many supporters across North Carolina and wherever I go, the number one question these days goes something like this: “Now that the Republicans are in charge, I bet your job is a lot easier.” Usually, my response is, “Hopefully.” Let me explain. The North Carolina Family Policy Council is a nonpartisan organization. That means we do not favor one political party over another, and our agenda is not based on politics. Rather, it is driven by our mandate to promote Judeo-Christian values in public policy. Over the past few decades, as mainline denominations have become more liberal, or what some call “progressive” in their thinking, defining Judeo- Christian values may have become a little blurred for some. Nonetheless, most Republicans believe in the sanctity of life, marriage as the foundation of a free society, parental rights in child rearing decisions, including educational choices, and the societal and familial detrimental consequences of gambling.


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