Depolarizing America: The art of talking across the aisle

Imagine this: two political rivals sharing breakfast and conversation together with the goal of listening and understanding rather than debating or convincing. That’s exactly what Traci Griggs, Communications Director at NC Family, and Tracy Hollister, former Program Manager at Marriage Equality USA, are doing on an ongoing basis. On paper, these women could not be more different. Griggs is a married Southern Baptist, who has been involved in the conservative movement in the Tar Heel State for decades. Hollister is a gay, married, Unitarian Universalist, who has been a long-time advocate for same-sex marriage and even quit her full-time job in 2012 to lead the state’s largest phone bank against Amendment One. But despite their differences, they share a concern about the destructive “us versus them” mentality that pervades America, from social media to the halls of government.


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