AT ISSUE: Redecorating

For the past month, I’ve been knee-deep in boxes, bubble wrap, and newspaper, packing up my family’s belongings as we moved from a rental to a new house. As grateful as my husband and I are to be homeowners again, moving with two kids in the middle of a school year has been exhausting! Now that most of the boxes are unpacked, we can hopefully start enjoying our new neighborhood. As you will see from the Spring issue of Family North Carolina, we’ve done some introspection, “rearranging,” and “redecorating” of our own! Over the last year, this magazine has undergone a major design overhaul in an effort to improve how we deliver the quality of content our readers have come to expect. The changes include shortening the length of the magazine, tightening article content, reformatting key sections, adding cleaner graphics and new features— and ultimately giving the magazine a fresh and lighter feel!


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