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CRITICAL ALERT: Gambling Fever Has Overtaken Our Top Legislative Leaders – We Need Your Help NOW!

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Dear Friends of NC Family,

The next few days at the N.C. General Assembly are going to be incredibly important, and WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Republican leadership in the State Senate and State House have been overcome by gambling fever and are absolutely fixated on legalizing Commercial Casino Gambling and Video Lottery Terminals (video poker machines) across North Carolina. We continue to hear reports that they are pressuring and threatening fellow legislators who don’t go along, even if it would cause them to violate their conscience. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

Please visit NC Family’s Action Center RIGHT NOW and call your State House and Senate members to urge them to vote AGAINST GAMBLING EXPANSION IN ANY FORM! They need to hear from you NOW!!!

Republican leaders have even concocted a scheme to pair gambling expansion with Medicaid expansion in an attempt to capture Democratic votes. Democrats aren’t going along.

Governor Roy Cooper responded over the weekend in a tweet: “GOP demand for passage of their backroom casino deal in exchange for a state budget and Medicaid expansion is the most brutally dishonest legislative scheme I’ve seen in my 3+ decades. People are right to be suspicious. Something has a grip on Republican leaders and it’s not the people of NC. – RC”

Senate Democrats also joined in an open letter today opposing the effort, saying, “…we, the members of the North Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus, will not be held hostage by Republican leadership in delivering for their handpicked casino developer in their pay-to-play scheme. We are united in opposing this latest political stunt.”

Fortunately, we have a substantial number of stalwart Republican and Democratic legislators in both the State House and Senate standing firmly and faithfully against these gambling expansion efforts.

NC Family believes the votes exist in both the NC House and NC Senate to defeat this convoluted and destructive gambling expansion scheme, but WE NEED YOUR ACTION TODAY!

Please call your state House and Senate members NOW!

Thank you,

John L. Rustin, President

NC Family Policy Council


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