FPC Services Survey

As many of us have recently experienced, the corporate cancel culture is having a greater impact on the ability of Family Policy Councils to operate and advocate freely and effectively. Accordingly, the FPCA Service Committee request your participation in an FPC Services Survey to determine what services you are currently using in the areas of (1) Technology, (2) Banking & Finance, and (3) Human Resources & Insurance. We also want to understand how important these services are to you, so that we can prioritize the work of the FPCA Services Committee to identify viable and reliable services and vendors.

In the survey, please list the vendor(s) you currently use for the listed service, what priority the listed service is to you, and whether you would recommend your current vendor to other FPCs. Please also provide any other feedback you may have in the “Other Comments” fields provided at the bottom of each page.

Our goal is 100% FPC participation, so please make this a priority. Thank you in advance for your participation!


FPC Services Survey

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  • CRM / Database

  • Bulk Email Service

  • Bulk Texting Service

  • Online Donations/Credit Card Processing

  • Advocacy Tool

  • Events Management

  • Who Hosts Your FPC Website?

  • Who Hosts Your FPC Staff Email Accounts?

  • Online Cloud Storage/File Management

  • Social Media Accounts