Family North Carolina Winter 2013


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About This Issue

Challenges and Opportunities

Yet another new and historic session of the North Carolina General Assembly is underway, and the staff of the North Carolina Family Policy Council is busy with both the usual and unusual hustle and bustle of activity that comes with each session. READ MORE

Feature Story

School Choice: Finding the Way Forward in NC

Our system of tax-supported education has for 150 years provided many of the primary embarrassments to America’s image as a just society. America, for example, is still resolutely unfair to the children attending government schools in those districts that are disfavored by the poverty of their tax bases. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Restoring Marriage in NC

Marriage is in crisis in North Carolina and across America. In 1960, nearly threequarters of adults (or 72 percent) were married. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Medicine, Minors, and Parents

Imagine these scenarios: Jane is 15 years old. She has had sexual relations with her boyfriend and has contracted the deadly AIDS virus. She is being treated for the disease, although there is no cure. Her parents were not notified and were not asked for consent. They have no legal right to know. Susan is […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

The Medical Marijuana Sham

Mykayla is a seven year-old cancer patient, who is one of 52 children registered as a medical marijuana user in Oregon. Each day, Mykayla’s mother and her live-in boyfriend, who are both regular marijuana users, give the child marijuana in the form of caplets or food to help relieve nausea and other symptoms. Mykayla, who […] READ MORE