Family North Carolina Spring 2018

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Feature Story

Showdown: Battle Ensues Over Sex Ed in NC Public Schools

Disgusting. Vile. Filth. Shock and awe. These are some of the words that Craig Autry used to describe Planned Parenthood’s sex education curriculum, Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works, which was moving into Cumberland County middle and high schools in the Fall of 2017. READ MORE

About This Issue

AT ISSUE: Day-To-Day Vigilance

Susanna Wesley is one of my heros. It’s not that I entertain even the slightest hope that I could ever have the discipline she demonstrated while educating and discipling her children, notably John Wesley, founder of the Methodist denomination, and prolific hymn writer Charles Wesley. My kids are responsible young adults now, but still, all […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Saving Babies: Pro-life Strategy In North Carolina

Whenever NC Family writes a story about laws or regulations that will decrease the number of abortions in our state, we often receive comments from pro-lifers wanting to know why lawmakers don’t just introduce bills to ban all abortions. In these next few pages, we shed some light on that question through the words of […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Making The Younger Years Count For The Kingdom

I have always heard that only 30 percent of kids brought up in the church will remain steadfast in the faith as adults. In other words, as many as 70 percent of children growing up in a Christian home will leave the faith when they reach college age (although some will eventually return). This is […] READ MORE

Commentary from the president

PERSPECTIVE: Perspective in the Midst of Political Storms

I think it’s safe to say that many of us are deeply troubled by the growing sense of turmoil, division and strife we see in America today. Whether it’s the gun debate, wars over sex and gender, partisan bickering, political scandals, or blatant bias in the media, it’s easy to be overcome and suffer from […] READ MORE