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The North Carolina Family Policy Council publishes a quarterly magazine, Family North Carolina. A one-year subscription is available for a suggested donation of $16. Click here to subscribe online or write the North Carolina Family Policy Council at: PO. Box 20607, Raleigh, NC 27619. You may also call us at 919-807-0800 or email us at

About This Issue

AT ISSUE: Prioritizing What Matters

This has been quite the year so far! The North Carolina General Assembly has been busy working on bills covering everything from the sanctity of human life, to parental rights, to fairness in women’s sports, to gambling expansion, and we have been right alongside them the entire time, fighting to support good legislation and oppose […] READ MORE

Feature Story

Coffee, Community, and Celebrating Every Life

At any given point before 3 p.m. each day, I probably have a cup of coffee on hand. Hot, cold, fancy, or simple, I am a coffee person. In addition to my passion for coffee, I also have a passion for public health, entrepreneurship, and creative problem solving. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

The State of the Pro-Life Movement

This summer marked one year since Roe v. Wade was overturned! Here are some of the ways that abortion has changed in our state and across the country. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

2023 Legislative Session Summary

The 2023 Legislative Session of the N.C. General Assembly proved to be an incredibly busy, intense, and drama-filled session with quite a number of “highs” and “lows.” State lawmakers returned to Raleigh on January 11, 2023, to jump-start the session by swearing in members and electing officers. READ MORE

Commentary from the president

PERSPECTIVE: Opposing an Inherent Evil

If you have read the 2023 Legislative Session Summary article in this edition of Family North Carolina magazine, you will recognize that this has been an epic year for the N.C. Family Policy Council and for the people of North Carolina. READ MORE

About This Issue

AT ISSUE: A Season of Learning

Putting this magazine together has been a season of learning for me. To start with, I’ve never put together a magazine, so the process itself was new to me (I was a staff member for the student newspaper in college, but that’s not quite the same thing). Even more than that, though, each of the […] READ MORE

Feature Story

True Women’s Empowerment: The Positive Impact of Pregnancy Resource Centers

Surprise! You just found out that you’re pregnant, and this was not a part of your plan. Based on statistics from the Guttmacher Institute, you are probably between the ages of 18 and 24, have low income, didn’t finish high school, and aren’t married. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

A Promise of “Prosperity” But At What Cost?

When you hear the word “gambling,” what is the first thing you think of? Maybe it’s the image of a fancy casino, memories of nights out with friends, scratch-off lottery tickets, or that alluring possibility of winning millions. READ MORE