Join the Cornerstone Community!

NC Family’s new Cornerstone Community is the name we have given to our special group of visionary partners who have invested to provide a stable foundation for our work now and in the years ahead.

As a partner in NC Family’s Cornerstone Community, you will be invited to join us for monthly Cornerstone Roundtable conference calls where you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s happening on issues important to North Carolina families. These roundtables will feature NC Family staff, national legal and policy experts, current and former members of the NC General Assembly, as well as faith leaders from across the state, giving updates on the latest developments in the political and public policy arena.

How do you join NC Family’s Cornerstone Community?

  • Invest in NC Family’s work with a sustaining donation of at least $20 a month;
  • Participate as a table or event sponsor at one of NC Family’s Major Speaker Dinner events;
  • Contribute annually to NC Family at a level of $500 or above.

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By God’s grace and your generosity, we have experienced tremendous successes during the past few years to protect the sanctity of human life, expand school choice, protect religious liberty, combat human trafficking, and resist efforts to expand gambling in our state. Despite these victories, we must remain vigilant and ready for the next formidable challenges, to protect these gains, and to advocate for more.

If you have believe you are a Cornerstone Community member but you are not receiving emails alerting you to our monthly calls, please contact Betsy Wilson by email at or by phone at 919.807.0800. Thank you!

January 2019 Cornerstone Community Call: Expert Insight Into NC’s Upcoming Legislative Session 
Click HERE to listen!

November 2018 Cornerstone Community Call: What the 2018 Election Results Mean to North Carolina
Click HERE to listen!