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Abortion Drug Restrictions, Transgender “Treatments,” the Opportunity Scholarship, and the National Day of Prayer

Welcome to this week’s episode of NC Family’s Weekly Update, where we share the highlights of the past week at the N.C. General Assembly READ
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How to Create a Media-Savvy Family (With Adam Holz)

The rise of smartphones, tablets, and other technology-driven devices over the last few decades has forced many parents to consider how to best manage READ
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How To Combat A Family-Unfriendly Culture (With Timothy Carney)

Parenting is hard. And our culture has made it even harder, pushing parents to do more and more to invest in and protect their READ
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Is Masculinity Really Toxic? (with Nancy Pearcey)

Over the last several decades, the feminist movement has waged a war on men and condemned masculinity as “toxic.” But how did we get READ
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How to Teach Your Children a Biblical Worldview (with Dr. George Barna)

Did you know that the majority of church leaders, including youth pastors, don’t have a biblical worldview? In light of this, it is more READ
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Can Getting Married Save Civilization? With Dr. Brad Wilcox

Marriage rates have dropped 65% in the last 50 years. Many individuals no longer value getting married the way they used to, and this READ
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Valentine’s, Ashes, and Marriage

February 14’s commemoration of the third-century Roman St. Valentine spurs many American couples to celebrate their affection with flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners, and sometimes READ
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Zuckerberg Apologizes, What Parents Should Know About Social Media

Last week, Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized to parents attending a U.S. Senate hearing on online child safety. Dozens of parents in attendance READ
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How NC Schools Have (and Have Not) Adopted the Parents’ Bill of Rights

In August, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the Parents’ Bill of Rights. This pivotal legislation reinforces the central role of parents in their READ
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Why Christians Should Engage in Politics

Over the years, Christians have had less and less of a voice in politics, whether it is because people are trying to “separate church READ
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LGBTQ Organization Files Federal Complaints Against NC’s Public Schools

On Tuesday, January 30, the LGBTQ organization Campaign for Southern Equality filed a federal complaint challenging North Carolina’s recently enacted Parents’ Bill of Rights READ
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A Rural Church Meets Educational Needs

As schools have become increasingly influenced by ideas that go against Scripture, many people have started looking at alternative ways to provide an education READ
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The Critical Connection: Faith, Race, and Political Engagement

Two of the biggest cultural topics over the last few years have been critical race theory and abortion, sparking strong reactions and opinions from READ
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Over the Counter Birth Control Pills are Coming to NC Without Age Restrictions

In the coming months, birth control pills will be available for purchase over the counter (OTC) in North Carolina with no age restrictions and READ
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A Pregnancy Resource Center Opens a Coffee Shop in NC

There are so many factors that parents must think about when they find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy, including things like housing, employment, and READ
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Potential Impacts of New Age Verification Requirements

Last week, it was announced that Pornhub was restricting access for users in North Carolina in response to the new age verification requirement that READ

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