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Bill to Prevent Eugenic Abortions in NC Continues Through Legislature

House Bill 453 — Human Life Nondiscrimination Act/No Eugenics, passed the House Health Committee yesterday, and passed the House Judiciary 1 Committee moments ago. As NC Family has shared, this bill would prohibit abortions in North Carolina because of the race or sex of the unborn child, or a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

NC Family Counsel and Director of Community Impact Jere Royall addressed the House Judiciary 1 Committee today, saying, “North Carolina’s laws should value and protect the lives of these previous, vulnerable, innocent babies, and prevent discriminatory eugenic abortions.” Thankfully, the majority of the committee agreed, and H453 successfully passed. The bill is scheduled for consideration in the House Rules Committee this afternoon, and could come up for a vote on the House floor as early as tomorrow!

This life-saving legislation is moving fast, so if you haven’t already, please visit NC Family’s Action Center right now to easily send an email to your State House Member urging them to SUPPORT this critical bill.

Every life, regardless of race, sex or genetic condition, is precious and created by God. These innocent lives must be valued and protected, and H453 would do just that!

Please TAKE ACTION NOW and help STOP EUGENIC ABORTIONS in North Carolina!

Thank You!


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