There may be times we are tempted to forget that the battles over issues affect the lives of real individuals who live in our neighborhoods and in communities around the state. During this holiday season, we are delighted to bring you three examples of the lovely people who are behind the issues we have worked so diligently on in partnership with you.

“Monique”(as told by Laura Strabley)

Our third and final story for this holiday season is about “Monique” from Greenville, a young woman whose life was forever impacted by the strong pro-life laws and policies we promote and preserve here in North Carolina. Monique’s story is told by Laura Strabley, executive director of Carolina Pregnancy Center in Greenville. Laura witnesses firsthand everyday the effects of good pro-life laws in our state.

Pastor Ed Russ.

Pastor Ed Russ serves Grace Community Church in Cary, North Carolina, and works with Grace Christian Life, a campus ministry at NC State University. Pastor Ed helped his students fight for their religious liberties in 2015, when a university policy attempted to restrict their right to share their faith freely on campus.


Jolene is a professed gambling addict. Her story is one of “Christmas future” in North Carolina—if we fail to understand the serious consequences and give in to the never-ending effort to expand predatory gambling in our state. People like Jolene are why NC Family fights every day to stop the expansion of predatory gambling here in North Carolina. Because behind this issue, and every issue, is a person.

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