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AT ISSUE: Worth Fighting For

Recent actions by the U.S. Supreme Court and a seemingly unending war chest of financial resources within the industry have breathed new life into the push for legalized gambling across our nation. Opposition to gambling in some states and communities remains strong, but ignorance and indifference to the devastation gambling brings to individuals and families has opened the door for significant expansion. Meanwhile, the gambling industry targets its advertising with greater and greater precision toward those who are the most vulnerable among us.

“Not my problem!” is the title of the article that tackles predatory gambling and the effect it has in communities where it’s given free reign. The accompanying testimonial from a young professional and self-professed gambling addict is a story we don’t often hear, but which reveals a hidden crisis that gambling promoters don’t want you to know.

Also in this magazine, we bring a note of hope from one who is front and center in the abortion struggle across our nation. Catherine Glenn Foster, president of Americans United for Life, brings a welcome message in the midst of some disheartening victories for pro-abortion forces in some states. Bringing that issue closer to home, Wendy Bonano exhorts parents and teens to “have the talk” about abortion, to confront a startling reality that many young women from Christian homes get abortions because they’re afraid to go home to mom and dad with news about an unplanned pregnancy.

And finally, as we head into the year end and anticipate 2020—and what is likely to be a contentious election year—it’s a good time for us to reassess the way we look at public policy and why we do it. Those of us here at NC Family strive to remember that behind every issue is a person who is made in the image of God. So, even those who vehemently disagree with us on vital issues are human beings of intrinsic worth. Winning a battle in the culture war is never worth sacrificing the ability to share Christ and the hope that is within us.

However, we never forget that the issues we work on represent real people and families who need a knowledgeable advocate to intercede for them in the policymaking arena. We are not simply fighting for abstract ideas, but for the people behind that issue. And that makes us all the more determined to bring our “A game” every day. We hope you enjoy reading Family North Carolina magazine! Please feel free to pass this issue along to family and friends or request some extras to hand out at church.

Traci DeVette Griggs is Director of Communications for the North Carolina Family Policy Council and is editor of Family North Carolina magazine.


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