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ALERT: Sports Gambling Bills Speed Through Committees

The North Carolina House is likely to take up two bills this afternoon that would legalize betting on collegiate, electronic, and professional sports in North Carolina. SB 688–Sports Wagering and SB 38–Sports Wagering Amendments are scheduled for the House Rules Committee at 2:30, and if they pass this committee, could be voted on when the House meets at 3:30 today.

Please TAKE ACTION NOW! Contact your State representative and urge him or her to oppose SB 688 and SB 38, and any legislation that would legalize the dangerous and predatory practice of sports gambling in North Carolina!

Numerous studies have proven the human cost of predatory gambling and gambling addiction, including increases in divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, job loss, personal bankruptcy, and suicide.

These bills passed the House Judiciary 1 Committee yesterday and the House Finance Committee this morning, so they are moving fast! Please join NC Family in opposing SB 688 and the legalization of sports betting by taking action NOW and contacting your State House Member! Thank you!


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