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2020 Summit on Protecting Children in Education

Several pro-family organizations are joining together to hold an event aimed at protecting children from the increasingly graphic sexual education being presented in public schools across the nation. Next Wednesday, August 12, The Heritage Foundation—along with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Family Research Council, Family Policy Alliance, and more—will be hosting the 2020 Protecting Children in Education Summit to educate and equip parents and activists to stand against the hypersexualized culture permeating our public schools.

This virtual summit will feature leading experts speaking about the increased push for graphic sex ed, sexual orientation and gender identity education, and the promotion of abortion in public schools. Expert speakers include Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation, Michael Farris from ADF, Sharon Slater from Family Watch International, and more! This summit has four main goals, according to Andrew Beckwith, President of Massachusetts Family Institute:

1. Oppose the sexualization of children through laws and policies that impose medically unsound comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) curriculum on schools.

2. Inform federal and state legislators and executive branch officials of the dangers of CSE and SOGI curriculum so they can support parental rights in education, school choice, and religious freedom.

3. Increase awareness of the findings of Heritage’s School Board Survey and pro-family curriculum.

4. Promote school choice, increased parent participation in school boards, and development of pro-family curriculum and legislation.

Parents should not miss out on this valuable opportunity to receive tools and knowledge in order to take action and change what it happening in their children’s schools. Registration for the 2020 Protecting Children in Education Summit is open now! Click here to register for this valuable event addressing a critically important topic!


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