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POV: Christians Are Eager To Get Involved

The American Culture and Faith Institute (ACFI) released a fascinating survey recently revealing that 95 percent of “Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Christian Conservatives” or “SAGE Cons” are not satisfied with the state of American culture today. While this finding may not be surprising, what may prove to be informative and encouraging is that 67 percent of these “SAGE Cons” desire to be more directly involved in “cultural transformation” here in the United States.

Today’s social media newsfeeds show much conversation over current events, with some discussions becoming heated and even hostile at times. With social media readily available, some may wonder if political engagement online is productive—especially for those of us who desire to be a positive influence on the culture at large. The Pew Research Center released findings that show one third of social media users are “worn out” by political content. Fifty-nine percent of respondents in the Pew survey say that discussions with those in which they are in disagreement are “stressful and frustrating.” While social media certainly can be a helpful tool in the right context, let’s also remember other ways we can effectively inspire “cultural transformation” in our state and nation.

How can we inspire “cultural transformation?”

Hold elected leaders accountable. It can be tempting to think that our civic duty ends the moment we cast our ballots. However, it is critical that our elected leaders hear from us before they make important decisions. Stay updated on local news and be on the lookout for NC Family action alerts for ways you can engage legislative leaders. The NC Family Action Center lists current action items and provides a simple way for you to contact your elected officials.

Serve the community. There is no shortage of ways you can influence the culture through service in your community. If you have a heart for women facing unplanned pregnancies, search online for a pregnancy care center near your home. You could consider serving in a soup kitchen or rescue mission. The local church is also full of areas in which you can be invested in the culture. If you feel called to public service, you could even run for elected office.

Love your family well. Perhaps you are in a life stage that limits your ability to be active in outward cultural engagement. It is easy to become bogged down or discouraged by the things we cannot do rather than seeing the things that are within our grasp. Mother Teresa offers great comfort and inspiration in these words: “If you want to bring happiness to the world, go home and love your family.” Loving our spouses, children, parents, siblings, and neighbors can do much to inspire the “cultural transformation” that we desire.

Let’s renew our efforts in influencing the culture around us—and stay open to new ways we can engage our society meaningfully.


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