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AT ISSUE: Historic Opportunities

The 2012 Primary Election in North Carolina is now mere weeks away. This primary will be monumentally historic for both our State and our Nation. North Carolinians will make a decision to either stand for the preservation of society’s most basic and necessary institution—the family—or to succumb to the pressures of an increasingly secular society that tries to sell the lie that men and women are interchangeable, that mothers and fathers are not uniquely necessary for the rearing of children, and that the natural order of law is not predicated upon an orientation toward the same means and ends as God’s law. The work of the NCFPC is oriented toward exposing the wrongness of this line of thinking.

In the best article we have seen on the subject, attorney Mary Summa looks back at how we got to the place where the commonsense knowledge that children not only deserve, but need a mother and father, has been rejected when it comes to much of the law. Societal thinking, technology, and the law have all been turned on their head in the wake of a shift in attitude away from the well-being of children and toward the fulfillment of adult desires in determining parenthood.

Attorney Anthony Biller provides a riveting examination of the civil and legal case for North Carolinians to vote for the Marriage Protection Amendment on their primary ballots on May 8, 2012. He juxtaposes the traditional child-centered view of marriage with the radical adult-centered view in a powerful discussion of the meaning and purpose of marriage in society.

Despite great fanfare and excitement at its passage, the Born Alive Infants Protection Act has grossly failed to live up to its name. Attorney Mary Summa looks at just why the Act is so flawed and what can be done to protect and ensure justice for those youngest, most innocent, and most vulnerable Americans who are born as survivors of abortion attempts.

The importance of the Marriage Protection Amendment cannot be overstated. The benefits to society, men, women, and children all brought about through marriage are reason enough to preserve and strengthen marriage in the public square. However, the increasing threat to this fundamental building block of society from governments and judges make the need for the Marriage Protection Amendment all the more important, as clearly laid out by Alysse ElHage.

Do not miss the information on page 20 regarding primary election dates, the North Carolina Family Policy Council’s 2012 Voter Guide, and your very own copy of North Carolina’s voter registration form to use or share.

Only days after North Carolina voters go to the polls for the primary election, legislators will convene in Raleigh for the 2012 Short Session. While the primary purpose of the session is to adjust the State’s budget, as Brittany Farrell shows, you never really know what will happen on Jones Street.

One of the issues that never seems to be far from legislators’ minds is expanded gambling. Lawrence Duke provides some straight-forward insight into the costs North Carolina will incur should legislators legalize more gambling.

Despite setbacks for the State’s anti-gambling efforts, challenges to marriage nationwide, the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to clarify the role of prayer in public meetings, and the Obama Administration’s affront to religious freedom through executive mandates, people of faith and character are leading the charge in the court system to preserve and protect good public policy to protect both American families and the principles they hold dear. The Briefs section provides details.

In his commentary, NCFPC president, Bill Brooks, examines the Marriage Protection Amendment and clears the fog of misunderstanding surrounding the real reason for the Amendment.

Truly, musings from some of history’s greatest men come to mind at this time. We are reminded that, “If we do not risk anything for God, we will never do anything great for Him,” and that, “The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” The men who fought to establish this Great American Experiment in self-governance pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor all to commit treason in the name of freedom, namely freedom to live according to God’s natural law that recognizes in all men inalienable rights that cannot be given nor taken away by government. Recognizing this, how can we not spend the next few weeks tirelessly working to educate and encourage our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and strangers on the foundational importance of the passage of the Marriage Protection Amendment? We hope that this magazine, as well as, the resources at, will aid you in that work.


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