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ALERT: We Need Your Help to STOP Marijuana Legalization in NC!

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Last night, the North Carolina Senate passed a second bill to legalize marijuana for “medical” purposes in North Carolina, and we need your help to stop it! HB 563—Hemp-Derived Consumables/Con Sub Changes now returns to the State House for consideration.

TAKE ACTION: Please go to NC Family’s Action Center right now to urge your State House Member to OPPOSE ANY LEGISLATION THAT WOULD LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IN NORTH CAROLINA – for “medical” or any other purpose!

As we reported late last week, the House can vote to either accept the changes made by the Senate (including the marijuana legalization provisions), reject the Senate’s changes and send the bill to a conference committee, or take no action at all.

This is the second “medical” marijuana bill approved by the Senate, the first being Senate Bill 3, the so-called “NC Compassionate Care Act,” which passed in March 2023. The House has yet to act on SB 3, and the Senate is simply trying to apply more pressure by sending yet another marijuana bill to the House.

Your House Member needs to hear from you NOW — Please TAKE ACTION NOW!

For more information about the harm marijuana legalization would bring to North Carolina and the national medical groups that oppose it, read NC Family’s Issue Brief on the subject.


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