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Legislative Leaders File Motion to Dismiss HB 2/HB 142 Lawsuit

State legislative leaders have asked a Federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit challenging House Bill 142, the “replacement” bill for North Carolina’s House Bill READ MORE

Cutting Through the Propaganda to Set the Record Straight on HB 2

 The propaganda campaign by the Left about House Bill 2 has reached a fevered pitch, and the media has been complicit (or at least READ MORE
Kellie Fiedorek discussess marriage and religious freedom

Responding to Attacks on HB 2

NC Family president John Rustin talks with Kellie Fiedorek, legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), about a lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union READ MORE

VIDEO | Overriding the Governor’s Veto, the Senate’s Proposed Budget, Busting a Myth About HB2, and Sports Gambling

Welcome to this week’s episode of NC Family’s Weekly Update, where we share the highlights of the past week at the N.C. General Assembly READ MORE

Hillsborough First to Adopt SOGI Ordinance Following Sunset of HB 142

The Town of Hillsborough has become the first municipality in North Carolina to create legal protections in employment and public accommodations based on “sexual READ MORE

Evidence Mounts That HB2 Had Little Impact on Economy

House Bill 2 has been “repealed and replaced,” but the issues involved are still very much alive and will be at the forefront of READ MORE
North Carolina Legislative Building in Raleigh

N.C. General Assembly Passes HB2 “Reset”

Early Thursday afternoon, the N.C. General Assembly gave final approval to a bill that repeals House Bill 2 but also prohibits state agencies and READ MORE
Image of women marching for the right to vote

POV: One Year After HB2—Where Have All The Feminists Gone?

As with many women, the general atmosphere of my teen years was infused with caution about how to make sure I stayed safe. “You READ MORE

HB2 “Repeal & Replace Bill” Not a Compromise or a Solution

A bill filed in the N.C. House late Wednesday afternoon to “repeal and replace” HB2 is neither a compromise nor a viable solution to READ MORE
Jere Royall talks about lobbying and the legislative session

HB2 Still A Commonsense Law, Despite Continued Misinformation, Part 2

Jere Royall, Counsel and Director of Community Impact at NC Family, in part 2 of the conversation about some common misconceptions and recent developments READ MORE
Jere Royall talks about lobbying and the legislative session

HB2 Still A Common Sense Law, Despite Continued Misinformation

Jere Royall, Counsel and Director of Community Impact at NC Family, speaks about some common misconceptions and recent developments concerning House Bill 2. Family READ MORE

NC Family Examines Governor Cooper’s HB2 Repeal Bill

With much media fanfare, NC Governor Roy Cooper held a press conference on Tuesday to unveil his own proposal to repeal House Bill 2, READ MORE

Bills to Repeal HB2 Represent Charlotte Ordinance “on Steroids”

Two bills filed in the North Carolina House this week propose not only to repeal House Bill 2 but to enact “Charlotte-style” policies that READ MORE

Poll Finds Overwhelming Support For Key Principle Behind HB2

A new poll by High Point University and the Greensboro News & Record shows overwhelming support across North Carolina for a key governmental principle followed in READ MORE

NC Economy Booming Despite HB2 Claims

The recent flurry of activity surrounding a potential repeal of House Bill 2 has reignited media-driven claims that the common sense bathroom privacy and READ MORE

Special Session Ends with HB2 Intact!

The NC General Assembly adjourned its fifth special session of the year this evening without repealing House Bill 2. After four days of rumors READ MORE

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