Governor Vetoes Informed Consent

Special Report - June 28, 2011

Hours before the deadline, Governor Beverly Perdue vetoed a bill that would require women to be provided with complete and accurate information about their unborn child and the procedure when considering an abortion. She called the bill a “dangerous intrusion” into women’s relationships with their doctors. The Governor had until midnight on June 27 to sign or veto HB 854—Abortion-Woman’s Right to Know, or the bill would have become law without her signature. In a statement issued with her 5:00 PM veto, Perdue called the bill’s requirements “the most extreme in the nation.”  This is the 10th bill she has vetoed this year—a record number for any North Carolina governor.

HB 854 passed the legislature with large majorities, but was one vote shy of a veto-proof three-fifths majority in both the House and Senate, meaning legislators would need to convince one more representative and one more senator to support the bill for a potential veto override to be successful. The General Assembly will reconvene July 13 to take up redistricting, and is expected to consider veto overrides during that short session.

Should a veto override be successful, North Carolina would join thirty-four states that require true informed consent for women considering abortions and 25 states that require a waiting period before an abortion can be performed. "We are now in a minority of states that require no special informed consent for abortion, and that is shameful, especially with a female governor," said bill sponsor Rep. Ruth Samuelson (R–Mecklenburg) in a statement, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

North Carolina Right to Life president Barbara Holt told, “While our elected representatives courageously voted to give women real choice and their unborn babies a chance at life, Governor Purdue has cowardly catered to the powerful pro-abortion lobby in vetoing this bill. It is an unspeakable tragedy that thousands of innocent young lives will be lost and women’s lives irreversibly shattered simply because they never had the opportunity to view an ultrasound of their unborn baby or be given scientifically accurate information about him or her.”

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