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The North Carolina Family Policy Council publishes a 40-page quarterly magazine, Family North Carolina. In each issue, there is a feature article dealing with a key issue of public policy as well as several shorter "spotlight" articles that look at other issues. Also, regular columns address legal issues, legislative matters, and commentary. In addition, readers can find information on resources and events of the North Carolina Family Policy Council. A subscription to Family North Carolina will give you access to other features in the magazine. See ordering information below.

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Summer 2011

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Countering the Deception
Alysse ElHage takes on the homosexual rights movement's boisterous and inflammatory accusations of hatred and bigotry aimed at pro-marriage advocates. She exposes the inaccuracies and hypocrisy of their arguments, and clarifies why a Marriage Protection Amendment is really nothing more than a defense and protection of the most basic societal institution—the family. more

A Threat to Liberty
Mary Summa, offers clear historical and legal reasoning for why domestic partnerships and civil unions represent a real threat to the strength of marriage as an institution. more

Marriage & Economic Well-Being
The benefits of marriage extend beyond merely the development and happiness of children and adults. Dr. Pat Fagan's research demonstrates why marriage is good for the economic well-being of families and society. more

The Progress of Truth
As thousands of Christians have strengthened their knowledge of Biblical worldview through The Truth Project in North Carolina over the last several years, Kami Mueller explores the project's vital importance. more

2011 Legislative Review
During this year's historical legislative session, several pieces of important pro-family legislation finally received encouraging consideration and approval. more

Eroding Boundaries
College students face one of the most treacherous environments for keeping and nurturing a strong moral life. William Roach outlines the historical and intellectual reasons for this scenario and offers suggestions for pastors and parents to help stem its tide. more

Brittany Farrell highlights national and state-level actions related to the protection of marriage, state efforts to prevent the implementation of the new healthcare law, and the North Carolina Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex couples cannot adopt children. more

Interview: Dinesh D'Souza
NCFPC president, Bill Brooks, talks with best-selling author and Christian apologist Dinesh D'Souza, about his book, What's So Great About Christianity. more

To the People
In his commentary, NCFPC President, Bill Brooks, discusses some of the key issues surrounding the Marriage Protection Amendment in North Carolina and where it currently stands with the North Carolina General Assembly. more

Tackling Tough Issues
Editor Brittany Farrell highlignts some of the topics covered in this issue of Family North Carolina and encourages citizen participation in the process of governing. more

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