The Homosexual Agenda

Family North Carolina Magazine—July/August 2007

By Bill Brooks

When our staff planned this issue of Family North Carolina magazine, we were in the midst of several battles in the legislature. One fight was to keep abstinence-until-marriage education in the public schools and the other was to keep the teaching of “sexual orientation,” “gender identity” and other non-traditional concepts of human sexuality out of the public schools. Of particular interest was the fact that on both issues, many of the principal proponents of changes to our current law turned out to be pro-homosexual activists.

As we discussed the growing pro-homosexual advocacy in the halls of the General Assembly, we realized one of the problems in countering their agenda is simply that no one likes to talk about what homosexuals do that defines their sexuality. In the media, in the movies, and on television, homosexuals are almost always presented in the best possible light. They are kind, friendly, sympathetic, and understanding. They are rarely ever shown having sex, in contrast to movies about heterosexuals, which have them kissing, hugging and under the sheets at almost every opportunity.

Research demonstrates that there is a very dark side to the so-called “homosexual lifestyle.” Yet, pro-homosexual activists have an agenda and they are working in the halls of our legislature, actively lobbying legislators for special rights that would affirm and legalize their behavior. But what does homosexual behavior offer society? Why should the government do anything that would promote the practice of sodomy?

We decided one of the articles in this issue should focus on the health issues that surround sodomy. Yes, that is the correct term for some of the physical sex acts in which homosexuals engage. One does not just have a “homosexual” or “gay” lifestyle that is free from sodomy. The acts define the lifestyle. The article on page 24, “The Physical Risks of Homosexuality,” talks about these acts and some of the physical health issues.

Another article, by Dr. N.E. Whitehead, discusses “Homosexuality and Mental Health Problems.” No one seems to want to talk about the fact that homosexuality is harmful to human health—to the body and the mind. Though outside the usual scope of our policy papers, we wanted to include a biblical-faith perspective, since the Inventor of sexuality has some very strong things to say about the subject. Professor Dan Heimbach, contributed an article that goes to the heart of what sex should be, and does not dwell on the negative aspects of homosexuality. “Sexual Purity in a Hook-Up Culture,” answers a lot of questions and holds up a standard for what the Bible teaches about sex. We think you will appreciate his positive approach.

Finally, on the subject of the homosexual policy agenda, Alan Sears, President of the Alliance Defense Fund, writes about the Orwellian nightmare of “hate crimes legislation” and how it is paving the way for the “thought police.”

What pro-homosexual advocates really want, however, is access to schools and to our children. That is the brass ring in this legislative session. House Bill 1366, which has the innocuous short title of “School Violence Prevention Act,” is a bill that would open wide the door in our public schools for educators and counselors to talk to children about homosexual acts, gender identity, “questioning” (you are too young to know your “sexual preference”), and other kinds of sexual orientation issues. If this bill passes the Senate, and is signed into law by the Governor, it will require educators to begin introducing children to the ideas and theories of sexual orientation—that they do not know if they are male or female, and just because they might think they are a certain sex because their parents told them so, it is fine for them to be “questioning” about their “gender identity,” and they can wait until later to make a decision as to what they really want to be.

This is just crazy! How can our legislature even be considering such nonsense? Yet, the bill passed the House by a significant majority, after an amendment to remove the pro-homosexual language was defeated by only one vote.

Our public school children are at great risk. And if you think privately educated children are safe, think again. If the legislature can tell public schools they must teach a pro-homosexual message to children, they also have the authority to compel private schools, and possibly even home schools, to do the same.

Bill Brooks is president of the North Carolina Family Policy Council.

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